Friday, March 7, 2014

Farm tour at Lipman

Today we took a tour of a Lipman farm in Estero, fl with our guide Scott... He showed us orange groves, tomato, potato, pepper and bean fields... It was amazing to e able to eat fruits and veggies right off the vine
Elana and Attila enjoying some fresh orange juice that is typically use for Sumple Orange juice back home in Pittsburgh

We learning about agriculture
From the farmers perspective. While Lipman is the largest fresh produce production business in Florida, it gave our group a better idea of what farmer face on a regular basis

Students in a tomato field and below the group in a potato field

Over the years this portion has moved to a more transparent way of business. Companies are able to conduct their own audits of the fields before choosing to purchase from this specific company. 

We were even able to see where a Farmworkers day begins and ends on the fields at their time clock shed
Overall a great addition to the trip!

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